The one year guide to living a holistic, sustainable, and fulfilling life.

The Well Method

Every season carries wisdom within it that can be used to

help you live a life of freedom + inner alignment

The Well Method


The Well Leadership is The Well's personalized corporate wellness program for female leaders designed to enhance each leader's individual effectiveness and overall organizational success.


Organizational leadership and corporate wellness are often overlooked aspects of organizational success yet studies prove that employees that feel supported, motivated and equipped in their roles perform better and are more engaged in their work.


As an Executive Coach, M.A. in Organizational Leadership, and Holistic Life Coach, Marissa Rose offers a well-designed holistic methodology for your organization's female leaders and high potential leaders.

Think: corporate wellness meets transformational executive coaching leaving your leaders feeling successful, empowered, and effective in their roles and your organization reaching new heights as a result.

Organizational effectiveness starts with your leadership.

Let's work together to create a personalized program that works for you.

The Program

Marissa will design a personalized executive leadership map for you female leaders and high potential leaders that incorporates transformational leadership practices, holistic wellness and organizatioanl goal setting.


Meet Marissa Nash:

Executive Coach + M.A. Organizational Leadership

Marissa is an Executive Coach and Holistic Life Coach.


As CEO of The Well Co., her mission is to teach women how to tap into their highest potential as leaders and become more effective, inspiring, and transformational change agents within their organization.

Marissa's credentials include:

Certified Professional Life Coach for 5 years

Certified Executive Coach [Master's Level]

M.A. Organizational Leadership [Concordia University]

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher [Thomas Jefferson Univeristy]

The Science of Wellbeing Certified [Yale University]

1,000+ hour Certified Yoga Instructor for 9 years

Marissa's corporate life prior to founding The Well was with lululemon athletica, CorePower Yoga, Pearson, and Athleta.


Her approach as an Executive Coach focuses on equipping female leaders through tools of transformational leadership, holistic wellness practices, executive coaching techniques, and massive accountability.

Marissa has coached female leaders in organizations such as finance, nonprofit, education, and human resources.


Lastly, she's dog-mom to her mini-goldendoodle, named Finn.

The Program



Marissa will develop a customized leadership growth plan for each of your leaders based on their individual and your organizational goals.

The leadership growth plan will be used throughout the one-year program to measure success, celebrate milestones, and identify landmarks in which the leader can aim to accomplish tangible results.

This customized plan will be evaluated quarterly with the leader to identify continued areas of growth and development.



Each of your leaders will work directly with Marissa Nash as their personal Executive Coach and Corporate Wellness Expert.


Leaders will meet virtually with Marissa on a bi-weekly basis for a 50 minute executive coaching session.

Each session will be well-designed and specifically curated for your leaders individual growth and the successful leadership methodology of

The Well Leadership.

Coaching topics can be found in our guide here.

In-between sessions, your leaders will have unlimited access to Marissa to discuss any leadership guidance they need along the way.



Off-site retreats are a core component of our method.

We believe it's important to take leaders off-site to connect, encourage, and support one another.

Marissa will curate a local retreat twice per year for your female leadership team to unite them and educate on specific topics while creating a wellness experience that your leaders will appreciate and be excited to attend.

Virtual retreats can be designed as needed.


support +


Each individual leader will have access to Marissa via email and Voxer for personal questions, leadership advice, and organizational needs.

Accountability will be provided on a weekly basis with Marissa providing email support and action steps after each session.

Hiring an external consultant can provide a unique approach to leadership development and accountability.

Our Clients




"I loved The Well Studio's virtual wellness retreat. It was a way to take a step back and disconnect from my corporate and sometimes stressful day job. It helped me center myself and focus on me. I particularly loved the yoga component and how Marissa led the session. It was refreshing and relevant."

Director of Community Relations





"Working with Marissa has been a complete game changer. As a type A, high achieving professional with many competing life priorities, having Marissa as my coach has taught me more than I could have ever unraveled on my own.

I am so grateful for Marissa and she is helping me to uplevel my life both personally and professionally."

Senior Digital Engagement Strategist




The Siegfried Group

"Through coaching sessions with Marissa I've had the space to talk about what I've been feeling and going through in my personal and professional life and that has been instrumental. I've completely changed my lifestyle. I lost the 20 pounds that I gained last year which was destroying my confidence and figured out where I am headed in my career.

Marissa is a true blessing in my life, I am so grateful for all that she's done for me!"

Associate Director

The Siegfried Group

Headshot - SH.jpg


The Siegfried Group

"Coaching sessions with Marissa have helped me to take extra pressure off of myself on my way to my professional and personal goals, which many times is exhausting and sometimes discouraging.

Instead, through her approach to goal setting she has taught me to truly enjoy the journey along the way and in some instances it’s actually helped me achieve my goals more easily as well!"

Professional Resource Director

The Siegfried Group

Corporate Workshops

Marissa Nash has led corporate wellness workshops and meditations for organizations such as Wayfair, The Autism Society of America, The AVEDA Institute, The Siegfried Group, and Girls on The Run.

Marissa has over 9 years of experience in the wellness industry and combines her masters in Organizational Leadership and Executive Coaching with her holistic approach to create a unique speaking offering.

Schedule your 30 minute Corporate Wellbeing Assessment  |  Tel: 843.642.7040

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