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My philosophy

Dear seeker --

I see you and I've been you.

I know what it's like to feel totally stuck.

Unsure of where to turn next.

Not sure how to spend my time, my money, my energy.

Craving a plan and a higher purpose for my life.

Well, it's here for you.

And what you're about to step into might just be 

exactly what your soul needs.

I know mine did.

Let's rise together.

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Meet the Healers


Human Design Reading

Meet Marissa

In your Human Design Reading with Marissa you will:

☽ discover your Human Design energy type


☽ learn how to use your energy type to live a more aligned life


☽ learn how to make better decisions based on your authority type

☽ find tools for managing your energy & emotions well

☽ create a plan to implement what you learned

☽ receive a personal affirmation to support you beyond your session

Session Fee // $195



Herbalism + Traditional Chinese Medicine

Healing Session

Meet Dr. Kelsey Giselle

☽ Begin session with a whole-body visualization & learn where certain emotions and traumas are stored within your nervous system & different organs

☽ Learn which organs are imbalanced and the root cause of symptoms through a thorough integrative evaluation and diagnoses

☽ Receive a tailored treatment plan including food therapy & lifestyle recommendations for your body constitution, supplement

suggestions, & specific breathwork exercises.


☽ Receive a customized herbal prescription focusing on chief complaints & root imbalances


☽ Receive an aromatherapy & acupressure protocol tailored to your needs & imbalances

Session Fee // $175


Meet Liz


Self Love Stylist + Body Acceptance Guide

In your Self Love Styling session with Liz you will:

☽ discover your personal blocks & limits

in loving your body well


☽ receive a personalized Style Inspiration Board after your session


☽ receive a 10 piece shopping list catered to your needs to implement what you learned

☽ walk away with a color palette, style profile, and outfit building formula

tailored to you

Session Fee // $150


Meet LaToya

Rising, Sun, and Moon Astrology Reading

☽ Discover & understand your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs from your birth chart


☽ Learn how to maximize your unique gifts according to your astrology signs

☽ Receive guidance in how to manifest what was meant for you based on your birth chart 


☽ From this reading, you can expect to learn about your life path, coping mechanisms, creative abilities, leadership style, and how to fulfill your emotional needs

☽ Get spiritual guidance through a tarot card pull to end your session

Session Fee // $165

Meet Lilia

Activate Your Divine Feminine Healing Session

☽ Personalized live energy healing session

☽ Guidance in cycle tracking & how to live cyclically for the season that you're in

☽ Oracle card reading for spiritual guidance and direction

☽ The personalized tools and sacred space that you need to work through blocks in your energy and menstrual cycle and reconnect to your divine feminine

☽ Recording of the session to keep as you integrate the work into your life

Session Fee // $150

Meet Nina

Akashic Records Reading

☽ Begin with a meditation to start the process of entering the records

☽ Receive messages & guidance through the Akashic Records

☽ Ask any questions you are seeking guidance and direction on

☽ Potentially meet your Divine Guidance Team or Spiritual Guides

☽ Close with reflection & have time to ask any questions of Nina that came up for you

Session Fee // $155


Meet Haylee

Seasonal Ayurveda Session

☽ Learn how to integrate the principles of Ayurveda into your life

☽ Receive a custom plan for foods & spices for your unique Ayurvedic elemental makeup

☽ Create dynamic shifts in your routine to optimize for the season

☽ Address any imbalances & discover how to incorporate 5 senses healing into your daily life

Session Fee // $175

Meet Cat

Plant-based Lifestyle Session

A Plant-Based Lifestyle Session is perfect for you whether you are just starting to explore a plant-based lifestyle or are looking for some extra inspiration.

This virtual session includes:

☽ Discovering the benefits of plant-based living and how it can impact your mental, emotional, and physical body

☽ Tips & Tricks on how to start a plant-based diet and sustainably stick to it

☽ Receive a plant-based recipe guide to kickoff your plant-based living

☽ Tailored advice and guidance from a Holistic Health Coach and Plant-Based lover


Session Fee // $150

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