Your growth is in your hands.

Overcome your limiting beliefs & live out your purpose confidently.

The 5 day guide will teach you how to:

Set strategic goals to

enhance your leadership

Change your mindset

& overcome obstacles

Create your ideal schedule

& maximize your time

Create a personalized

accountability plan

Grow your character &

leadership skills


I'm Marissa

As your coach, I  want to see you make an impact -- in your organization, your community, your family, and the world. I'm here to challenge you in your life and leadership by helping to refine your character, organize your life, maximize your strengths, identify and overcome your weaknesses, and set actionable goals that get you to where you want to be.

I've coached over 300 females and have worked with clients across the U.S. and abroad, including California, Pennsylvania, New Zealand, North Carolina, Texas, South Carolina, Michigan, and New York!

The Leadership Growth Plan is designed to equip you to make a bigger impact, to find confidence, and to lead yourself

& others well.

Personal Growth Coach

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I loved the leadership growth plan!

The daily actions and emails were concise, short, and easy to quickly complete. I have some work to do!"

- Lisa

I just finished the 5 day leadership growth plan and loved it!

It helped me shift my goal setting mindset for the next 3 months."

- Karina

The leadership growth plan inspired me to get up at 5:30am this morning -- a goal I've had for a while but just couldn't get motivated to do. 

Answering the questions in the growth plan & narrowing in on one task I've really wanted to accomplish helped a lot!

Audrey, Digital Marketing Coordinator

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