5 Books That Will Encourage, Motivate, and Equip You To Take Action

I am a lover of books, for real. You can typically find me reading 3-4 different books throughout one given month (ask my husband)!

So, I thought I would share with you the top 5 book that have encouraged and motivated me to take action in my own life. A few of these books I have read several times and have recommended to many friends who were looking for inspiration to enhance their personal life goals, develop their professional skill sets, or just straight kick butt in all areas of life.

I'm also a fan of the library - just saying. As your read through, defintiely grab these bad boys on Amazon or head over to your local library to pick up a copy of whichever books stand out most to you.

Here we go!

1. Focal Point by Brian Tracy

If you're looking to whip your productivity game back into shape, this is the book for you. This book taught me how to create a to-do list that inspires action, how to set large financial goals for my life and my business, and how to manage my time wisely to make the most out of every single minute.

2. Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath

If you're looking for a strengths-based personality assessment backed by loads of information on how you can use your top strengths in life and business, you will love this book! I've taken the Strengths Finder assessment twice and in the last year have really been able to use my strengths to keep my mind focused on my unique gifts to better serve my family, my clients, and my community.

3. The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

This book is AWESOME. I had to leave and take some of the advice that was offered, but I fully believe in Ferriss' motto of living more and working less. He provides a lot of real life examples of people who have used his methods throughout the book which gave me the confidence boost I needed to apply them to my own life. This book has taught me how to set short, hard deadlines and how to work harder, faster, and smarter.

4. Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick

This one is kind of a curveball compared to the rest, but as women and especially as creative entrepreneurs we will face a lot of fear & doubt. It's inevitable and this book will help you to navigate those roadblocks and help you to see what is true and what is absolutely not. Get this is you're feeling stuck, lacking confidence, or have been listening to negative talk for way too long.

5. Tribes by Seth Godin

Gosh, I read this book forever ago & I lost it on an airplane. I need to get this one back, but it is phenomenal. Tribes is all about meeting people where they are at, discovering their needs and creating your business around fulfilling them. This book will take you out of the equation and shine light on the ways to best serve the people that you've built your business for.

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