How to make a mind map to organize your goals.

First of all - what the heck is a mind map?!

A mind map is a way to visually outline your long-term and short-term goals. Mind mapping is for the girl who is a visual learner. I coach a lot of visual learners, so I find myself using this tool for clients more often than not and wanted to share with you!

How do I do it?

I believe that God wants you to experience joy, freedom, and prosperity in all areas of your life. Not just one or the other.

So for this mind map, it might be best to focus on 1 year goals. This is long-term enough, but not so far out there that your goals will feel unattainable or unreachable.

Here's an example of mine below!

Let's get started!

Go grab a blank sheet of paper & a pen.

Step #1

I'm a big fan of praying before I start dreaming. This helps me to align my heart with God and his vision for me. Ultimately, He has it all planned out and I just need to obediently follow.

Step #2

Draw one big circle in the middle of your page. You can label it whatever you want, "my life", "my dreams", "#goals", your name, whatever!

Step #3

Start to think about your goals in the below areas:

A. Relationships/Family

B. Career

C. Finances

D. Character

E. Health

F. Personal/Hobbies

Step #4

Draw lines (branches) from the middle circle and label each circle at the end of the line with the above categories.

Step #5

Start dreaming! What do you envision, hope for, aspire to be, or want to cultivate in your life 1 year from today?

Write it down. Keep going. Don't stop!

You can write as many branches as you want off of each area.

Want more positive, life-changing inspiration like this?

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