6 ways to be more present.

Let's be honest. It's hard to be present in today's world.

We have so many ideas, people, responsibilities, and expectations pulling us in all sorts of directions. How are we supposed to get anything done while still being present to our family, making time for stillness, and spending time with God?

First of all, let me reassure you that you are not alone.

I get it and I'm here to help.

Check out the 6 ways that I'm sharing with you on how to be more present, feel more accomplished, and find more time for the things and people you love.

1. Wake up early

Rise & shine! One of the best ways to start your day off on a more focused and present note is to wake up earlier than everyone else in your house. This works for me like a charm and it's something that I've committed to doing to guarantee myself quiet time, the solitude I crave, and an opportunity to press into what God's has planned for me that day.

2. Start your morning without social media, email, or texts

Try it! Start with 10 minutes. I coached a client that told me that it would help her to keep her phone in a closed drawer so that when she woke up it wasn't the first thing that she reached for. Do whatever you need to make this one work. Once you've committed to 10 minutes, amp it up to 20, and then 30, and so on.

3. Turn your phone on "do not disturb"

I love this one! My phone is on "do not disturb" (aka the half moon icon) about 75% of the time. Yes, this mean I miss an occasional phone call but you can set your settings on your phone to still notify you of phone calls from your "favorites" list, so really, it's never been a problem. This allows me to be in control of when I receive, read, and respond to messages. Rather than being on call to my phone and other's reply messages, I am able to check in when it's best for me.

4. Block off time to focus on certain activities

When you start your day, I highly suggest you design your day instead of letting your day design you. Do this by creating a roadmap or timeline for how you want to spend your hours. Block off time to workout, to cook dinner, to eat lunch, etc. I mean actually put it on your calendar. Write it down. This will make you way more likely to actually do those things rather than let them pass by.

5. Singletask

Focus on one thing at a time. I mean it! Multi-tasking is not setting you up for feeling present, focus, or accomplished. If you can focus on one activity, you will see the result of that activity. This will increase your sense of accomplishment and drive you to complete even more tasks. When you can get more done and FEEL accomplished during the day, I guarantee you will be able to find more rest and presence when the day is done.

6. End your day without social media, email, or texts

Yup, I did it again. Put your phone down. Choose a new activity other than scrolling through your instagram feed. Is there a fiction book you've always wanted to read, or a new hobby you've wanted to explore? Use this time to do other creative activities that your daily responsibilities don't allow time for. I promise you will feel more uplifted, confident, and rested when you do.

. . .

If you're raising you're hand, like, YES, I need this . . .

Shoot me an email -

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