How to make the most of your week.

Being a steward of your time, your energy, and your life is so important.

Yet we often neglect the fact that we get to choose every single day what we're going to do and what we're not going to do. What we will say "yes" to and what we will say "no" to.

Imagine a life where you feel in control of your schedule, you accomplish your daily goals, you feel at peace, accomplished, and fulfilled.

I believe you can have this, I really do. I believe it because I've been there and have made it to the other side. I believe it because I've coached women in how to get there. And they have.

Now it's your turn.

Below are 5 tips that I share with my coaching clients on repeat.

Try them out, give it a go. You've got nothing to lose.

1. Make a priority list

Grab a notebook and pen.

Write down all of your responsibilities, priorities, and tasks that you have to complete over the next week. Then, make a new list prioritizing each of these responsibilities by level of importance (high to low).

2. Start with the most important task first

Now that you've got your list in order from highest to lowest priority, it's time to take action.

Start with the most important task first.

Take each task one at a time. Don't look ahead or worry about what needs to be done next.

You will feel so good when you start to check off the most important items, I promise.

3. Schedule your tasks

Once you've determined which tasks you need to accomplish, give them a date and a time.

If it matters to you, it should be on your calendar.

You can block off time on your iPhone or google calendar such as workouts, cooking, rest, spending time with girlfriends, date nights with your husband, and so on.

4. Ask for support

As you make changes in your life and tackle some tough priorities, it's important to ask for support. Find an accountability partner, a study buddy, or hire a coach for support. Having someone in your corner to cheer you on and motivate you to keep moving forward can propel you closer to your goals at lightning speed.

5. Reward yourself

Make sure to celebrate when you have a stellar day, week, or month. Heck, go and celebrate if you have a productive afternoon. Choose something that will motivate you to get sh*t done. Maybe it's getting your nails done, grabbing a glass of wine with a girlfriend, or reading your favorite novel if you're able to accomplish your weekly goals. Do this. You deserve it.

xx, M.

The biggest reason I love coaching women in life & leadership is because I get to witness them making profound changes in their life by being obedient and bold in the small things.

Get in touch with me here if you want to take your life to the next level this year.

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