3 things to do today if you're not feeling supported as a leader

The inspiration behind this post comes from talking to many female leaders who have shared with me that they feel alone in their leadership in their industry, their office, their ministry, and on their team. If you're feeling the same way, keep on reading.

My goal for you is to walk away from this short but impactful list with 3 tangible & real ideas that you can implement today to grow on your own terms.

That means I'm keeping it simple & short. Let's go!

#1: Write down your goals

Seems pretty simple right? I want you to write down your 3 month action plan for your own growth as a leader. The truth is, you have to set goals for yourself. It can be a truly powerful experience.

If you need help with setting goals, check out my 5 day leadership growth plan. It will walk you through the process of setting your quarterly (3 month goals) step-by-step.

Get it here.

#2: Choose one goal & create consistency

Consistency is huge. It allows you to make and see change in your life quickly.

Here's an example: If your goal as a leader is to grow in your ability to connect with your team, schedule in a 15 minute time slot on your calendar daily that's specifically built in for you to connect, have conversations, walk the floor, etc.

#3: Hire a leadership coach

Hear me out. When I knew that I needed to grow in my leadership but wasn't being given the external support that I felt I needed, I hired my own leadership coach. We worked together for several months and I grew IMMENSELY. She walked me through challenging conversations, helped me to grow my character, held me accountable to my goals, challenged me to do new things, and ultimately empowered me as I became a better version of myself both personally & professionally.

If you're ready for growth & it's just not happening for you, try one of these steps.

You can do this.

P.S. Check out my 6 month leadership coaching program & let's see if we'd be a good fit!

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