10 Ways to Stay Inspired While Working From Home

As a Leadership and Mindfulness Coach as well as a remote worker myself, it's important to keep a structured, self-honoring schedule when working from home.

Here are a few creative ways to stay productive + calm while you bring your office home the next few weeks.

  1. Get up & get dressed every morning.

  2. Make your favorite coffee, latte, tea and protect your morning routine before you dive into work.

  3. Take breaks every 90 minutes.

  4. Incorporate a mid-day walk into your routine.

  5. Drink a tea, lemon water, herbal latte after you finish work to remind yourself that you’re done and moving on to other priorities.

  6. Choose one room to work in & one room to rest in (try not to mix the two).

  7. Schedule daily touch points with your coworkers (even if it’s a 10 minute virtual call to check in).

  8. If you feel yourself getting sleepy or distracted mid-day, get up and do something for 5 minutes to reset your mind and body.

  9. Keep a schedule/routine as best as you can.

  10. Go to sleep at a decent hour and avoid your bed during the day.

If you're seeking more advice & guidance in this season, let's connect.

Schedule your FREE 30 minute Vision Session with me here to map out your dreams, goals, and priorities.

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