6 Wellness Products to Keep You Calm at Home

Let's be honest, it's taking us all time to settle into this new temporary "norm" as the world rapidly changes around us. Now, more than ever, your wellbeing and mental health has to be a top priority.

As a leader, a woman with a beating heart, a mom, a CEO, and a friend -- you've got to care for yourself before you can care for others. And we can all feel how much everyone needs us right now.

The better care you take of yourself, the more capable, generous, and emotionally available you can be for those around you.

To help keep your stress low and your positivity higher -- I'm sharing my favorite wellness products that you can order this week to incorporate into your wellness routine.

Let's stay well. It's best for us all.

#1: BIG Shampoo.

AKA my go-to product in the shower to cleanse my scalp before I shampoo and condition. This leaves my scalp and mind feeling so refreshed and clean.

Grab it here via Lush online.

#2: Bath salts.

Epsom salt will work too! Add these to your bubble bath for an extra detox or soothing vibe.

Try these bath salts from Amazon.

#3: Smudge sticks.

They're made with sage & smell amazing. Perfect for creating calm vibes. Burn a smudge stick to clear negative energy & reset any environment.

You can get a pack of smudge sticks here.

#4: Charcoal sheet masks.

Relaxing your body is key as things remain in constant flux around us. Carve out 20 minutes per week to lay on your bad after a hot shower & apply a charcoal sheet mask.

Grab this one here on Amazon.

#5: The Desire Map.

Written by Danielle LaPorte. This book is half text and half journal prompts. It will guide you in discovering more about your needs, goals, and intentions in a very meaningful way.

This is my go-to book & every one of my clients gets gifted The Desire Map in my coaching programs.

Grab the book here.

+ if you want more wellness support, let's talk about NOURISH: the 6 month one-on-one coaching program.

Email me here to schedule a free 30 minute Soul Session.

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