Ayurveda 101

This week, I teamed up with my Ayurvedic Coach, Haylee Warner from Healing Haylee to get the low-down on all things ayurveda and we can't wait to share her advice and insight with you below.

Haylee has helped me to personally make incredible changes in my life through the systems and tools of ayurveda. I approached Haylee after struggling with symptoms around my menstrual cycle as well as to find support in calming my mind and lowering my stress and anxiety levels.

Let's dive in and learn from Haylee about how ayurveda can assist us in our wellbeing.

What is ayurveda? In simple terms.

Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga. It used to be the full medical system of India! It is different than our Western medical system because it sees the body as a system that heals itself. Ayurveda is preventative medicine that uses diet, routine, exercise, stress reduction and 5 senses healing to bring our body back into balance.

Why do people need ayurveda?

People need Ayurveda because it is a really effective way to learn about yourself and keep yourself healthy. I see so many people living with either emotional blocks, physical compromises or just a little off center. Down the road these little things can turn into big things! Ayurveda offers tools for us to prevent that.

Can you explain how ayurveda relates to the seasons?

Ayurveda is so effective because it helps us live in communion with nature. Every season, person, activity and even food has a particular order of elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) Ayurveda's suggestions are unique to each individual but beyond that, every individual can make wellness choices according to each season. Adjusting what activities we do, what foods we eat and what spices we use can really optimize our energy and emotional balance.

What are doshas? And how do you know what dosha you are?

Your dosha is determined on your family history, where you were born and even your astrology. I discover your dosha through an in-depth analysis where we answer questions from my 6-page intake form together. Some Ayurveda experts can determine your dosha by your pulse, but unfortunately that is a dying art currently. However, I hope to do a month long intensive to continue the artform.

What are the 3 doshas?

The 3 doshas include:

Vata: Air & Space (Creative types who have a small frame & may experience coldness or anxiety)

Pitta: Fire & Water (Entrepreneur & intellectuals who may be competitive & experience poor vision or skin conditions)

Kapha: Earth & Water (Steady workers who have a larger frame, are very compassionate & may experience more head colds or asthma)

Most people are a combination of 2!

How does ayurveda help with anti-aging?

Ayurveda has wonderful skincare and massage protocols that work wonders for anti-aging (actually most people in the west know Ayurveda as a type of natural beauty enhancement!)

Beyond the obvious, ayurveda is able to create a specialized stress reduction plan that works for you individually - this could include breath work, meditations and even night routine that will help you live longer, avoid worry lines and save your body from stress related ailments.

How does ayurveda help with stress and anxiety relief?

Living ayurvedically is really a full perspective change that allows you to be more in control of your life and well being. Everything in Ayurveda is medicine and poison, it is just how and when to eat chocolate, have alcohol, do cardio or weight lift.

It is about knowing what choices are going to support you best. A lot of our stress and anxiety feels ovewhelming because we don't know what to do about it or maybe even where it is truly stemming from. Ayurveda helps us figure that out, and then we can choose the best stress reducing activity for that moment, and even season.

What are simple ayurvedic changes that people can make this week?

My favorite and simplest ayurvedic change is to start your day with a hot cup of water! Plain hot water helps our body clear our any stuck food in the gut, hydrates immediately and sets up your digestive system for success. After starting your day like this for a week you might even feel increased energy!

Any final thoughts?

Ayurveda is so practical and approachable, it is all in how you learn it. I would encourage anyone who feels ready for a real change in how they feel in their body to reach out to me!

I love making it simple and achievable for any circumstance.

P.S. you guys -- Haylee is offering a free discovery session to help you discover your imbalance.

To schedule your free discovery session with Haylee, head over here.

More on Haylee:

Haylee Warner, HHC, RYT is an ayurvedic holistic health counselor, movement & meditation instructor and corporate wellness provider based in Philadelphia. Her holistic health counseling puts all the pieces of your life into a clear picture. She guides you to understand the root cause of your dis-ease. In her sessions your will build a map of simple and effective changes to re-pattern old habits so that you can live with energy, motivation and vitality. Her goal is to empower you to clear the haze and stop compromising your best self!

Haylee began practicing yoga in 2007. She found yoga to be an incredible personal movement experience, separate from how she experienced movement in codified forms of dance. It slowly became a regular grounding practice for herself, and decided to pursue a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 from The Yoga Garden, Philadelphia, PA. Since then she has received a Pediatric Yoga Certification from Summit Education, completed a 150-hour Advanced Training from Palo Santo Wellness Boutique, and in January 2017 she took a foundation course in Trauma Sensitive Yoga through Transformation Yoga Project. In 2017 she decided to take the next step in her healing journey and received her Holistic Health Counseling Certification at Ayurveda's World, NYC under the direction of Dr. Naina Merbella.

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