Wellness Routines with Founder, Ashleigh of The Wellness Refinery

Wellness Feature // Ashleigh of The Wellness Refinery

Meet Ashleigh, Clinical Nutrition Specialist and the founder and owner of The Wellness Refinery in Philadelphia, PA.

She has dedicated several years to helping people get well by creating self-care routines, adopting wholesome nutrition, and utilizing holistic healing therapies. She founded The Wellness Refinery to bring all of her passions under one roof to share with the Philadelphia community and beyond.

The Wellness Refinery is a self-care destination for the modern individual offering infrared sauna therapy, a tonic bar, and marketplace. Infrared saunas have been used for centuries to achieve cellular rejuvenation, support detoxification, boost the immune system, purify skin, and promote restful sleep. Her tonic bar serves nutritionist designed adaptogenic and herbal lattes, superfood smoothies, and in-house pressed and bottled juices. You can also shop TWR's product shelves for the latest natural skincare products, self-care essentials, herbal and dietary supplements online. The Wellness Refinery was founded on creating connections and getting well within the community.

Let's chat with Ashleigh + see how we can stay well with her.

M: What drew you to the wellness industry and why did you open TWR?

A: It all goes back to my junior year of college.

This was the year that my health was totally flipped upside down! I went from enjoying my young adulthood, living with friends in college and training for half marathons to experiencing extensive gastrointestinal issues, unexplainable ‘blackout’ episodes, and numbness in my extremities. It was scary! After the run around with conventional medicine and no signs of improvement, I finally sought out functional medicine. With extensive testing, identifying the root cause and the use of nutrition and alternative therapies, I began to see my health return. I had been enveloped with all things health and wellness and I knew I wanted to devote my life to helping others find their healing journey. So, I went on to get my masters degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition and became a Certified Nutrition Specialist. I worked at a functional medicine practice with chiropractic doctors, health coaches and healing therapists. I fell in love with the ritual of healing through everyday routines, and I just knew I wanted to share everything that had brought so much positivity to my life with as many people as I could.

M: What are your 6 favorite products to use from TWR?

A: There are so many!

Digestive Juice $27.00

Digest meals with more ease, fight indigestion, bloating and discomfort, and promote regular bowel movements with this herbal spray. Use this spray 15 minutes before your meal to activate gastric juices and release digestive enzymes. This bitter herbal spray is helpful in breaking down your meals to help increase assimilation of nutrients. 2 fl. Oz Ingredients: Gentian Root, Oregon Grape Root, Dandelion Root, Angelica Root, Peppermint Leaf, Orange Peel, Fennel Seed, Prickly Ash Bark, Blue Flag Root, Licorice Root, Ginger Root

Get yours here.

Probiotic Plant Protein $35.00

Organic pea, hemp & brown rice protein fortified with probiotics to keep a healthy gut, support the immune system, fuel cells and promote muscle growth. 12g of protein per serving (1 tbsp). 200 g--15 servings. Ingredients: Yellow Pea Powder, Hemp Powder, Brown Rice Protein, Inulin - a prebiotic fiber derived from organic chicory, Probiotic Lactospore Powder 15 billion (Bacillus coagulans)

Get yours here.

Skin Food + Prebiotic $65.00

This skin firming supplement is formulated with collagen stimulating whole food ingredients to boost your body’s own production of collagen and slow down aging effects. Lucuma, baobab + camu camu powders deliver a powerful boost of Vitamin C, Zinc and Beta-carotene for younger and brighter looking skin. 20 servings per container. Ingredients: Inulin, Pouteria Iucuma (Lucuma) fruit, Adansonia (Baobab) fruit, Camu Camu, Brown rice (grain) protein.

Get yours here.

3 Pack Eye Gels $12.00

The cactus collagen eye gels are a great under eye refresher. Ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Vitamin E all help to reduce puffiness, minimize fine lines and wrinkles and combat dark circles. A great choice for the tired eye. Three packs of 2 eye gels. Ingredients: Cactus Collagen increases skin elasticity, improves circulation and reduces puffiness. Soothing Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and Vitamin E smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Arbutin combats dark circles and hyper-pigmentation.

Get yours here.

Frank & Whit Face Mask Spruce Hill $25

A detoxifying powerhouse face mask to absorb oil, extract impurities, minimize inflammation, and eliminate free radicals. The Matcha and Pomegranate add such a potent antioxidant kick to this mask that it truly helps reduce inflammation from stressed out skin. This powdered base mask allows you to enjoy the spa-like feel of mixing your own skincare and tailor to your needs. 4-6 uses. Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, Punica Granatum Extract, Camellia Sinensis Powder, Carbo Activatus.

Get yours here.

Sleep Drops by The Nue Co. $55

Sleep is so essential to our body’s recovery system. Sleep is when our body regenerates itself and gives us the power to combat fatigue, irritability, and lack of concentration throughout the day! This herbal tincture helps the body and mind wind down at night and drift off to a peaceful sleep. With a blend of valerian root, passionflower, chamomile, and catnip, this herbal blend will help you fall asleep, and stay asleep without any disruption or grogginess in the morning. Take 6-12 drops in the evening up to 30 minutes before bedtime.

Get yours here.

M: What does your morning wellness routine look like with these products?

A: Each of these products have been such a life saver especially during quarantine!

They all fit into my day at a different time for a different need.

Stressing over business matters, dealing with some hardships in my personal life and consuming disheartening news about COVID-19 on a daily basis has got me feeling some type of way and my skin is totally taking a toll! So when I wake up and treat my skin to some love. Every other morning I treat myself to an extended skincare routine in the morning with a face mask. I have been rotating face masks quite frequently, but the Franklin & Whitman Spruce Hill face mask has been my go-to these past few weeks because the matcha and pomegranate have really been brightening up my dull skin. Another favorite is the Oak Lane formula when my face is feeling a bit inflamed from a breakout. The eye gels are so essential for my tired, sleep deprived (more on that in a bit!) eyes and I’ll throw them on at least once a week. I like to leave them on while I flow through some yoga for a half hour or so.

M: How about mid-day? How do you beat the afternoon slump?

A: After I finish my morning movement (loving all of the Zoom classes and IG lives!), I refuel my body with a smoothie.

I love adding in the Probiotic Plant Protein because I get my morning protein in AND probiotics for a healthy and happy gut! I have some non-negotiables for my smoothies and protein is one of them. Protein is essential for so many functions of our body--muscle performance, hair, skin, nails and energy. Getting an adequate amount in the morning really helps to start my day on the right foot. And since my skin is in need of so much extra love, I am adding in Skin Food + Prebiotic. This powerful blend helps to increase skin cell turnover which has been so helpful in clearing up pimples faster.

Throughout the day, I am simply loving the Digestive Juice as it helps to ease a stressed out body and put it in a parasympathetic state to prepare for digestion. When we are feeling stressed or anxious, our body could not care any less about digesting. It is only worried about whatever our mind is fixated on. So, our digestion is totally thrown out the window. This is when bloating, discomfort and indigestion occur. Also, during these times a lot of us are reaching for more comforting foods (I know I am!) that may require a little more work from our digestive system. This herbal spray is like a little ‘power-up’ to help break down those foods with ease.

M: Let's talk evening routine. I'm still working on mine!

A: Now in the evening, I typically wind down with a cup of chamomile tea, but this just isn't cutting it for me anymore.

I’m at home all day long. My office is now my bedroom and my bedroom is now my office. My body is SO confused. The line between work and rest has been so blurred. So, I am taking my usual cup of tea a step further with some support from Sleep Drops. These drops have been so helpful to help turn my mind off and really switch from work mode to sleep mode. Also, I’ve recently moved and my body is still adapting to the change in environment. With the mildly sedative herbs, I’m able to get a much more restful night’s sleep without all of the tossing, turning and adjusting in my new bed.

Give Ashleigh + The Wellness Refinery some love today!

Follow her at: or @wellnessrefineryphl.

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