4 Questions to Increase Self-Acceptance

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4 Questions to Increase Self Acceptance.

As women, I think we can all relate in feeling disconnected from or dissatisfied with our physical body at some point in our lives. As a Coach, I help women to love themselves more and accepting your body is a major part of the equation.

Before I share the 4 questions with you to help you to reconnect in a loving way with your physical self, I want to share the methodology behind these four questions. These questions are designed to help you to get back into your body, aka the practice of embodiment.

Here's why this matters -- when we can acknowledge ourselves, exactly as we are, without judgement, inner peace and self-acceptance can flourish.

So, grab your notebook & pen and journal about these 4 simple yet profound questions tonight before you hit the hay.

#1: Right now, my body needs ...

#2: When I think of how my body has supported me in my life, I'm most grateful for ...

#3: If my body could talk, it would tell me ...

#4: I feel most alive in my body when ....

Now, take a deep breath.

And if you're felling like you could use support in self-love & self-acceptance let's chat.

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