The one year guide to living a holistic, sustainable, and fulfilling life.

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Welcome to your personalized one-year wellness journey designed just for you & your unique goals, desires and struggles.

Wellness is not one size fits all which is why at The Well, we take a holistic + highly personalized approach to helping you meet your personal, professional, and wellbeing goals.


Imagine taking one year to truly invest in yourself -- your desires, your wellbeing, your truth, your relationship with yourself & those that you love.


We want your whole self -- your considerations, ailments, and frustrations to be heard + transformed through this process so you can feel better, live better, and impact bigger.


And if you have no idea what your desires, goals, or pain points are yet, we will start there and help you to discover exactly what you need through our future-self work.

Marissa will teach you how to take care of your wellbeing just as much as you take care of everyone else, which will help you to reach the goals that are meant for you while feeling radiant along the way.

We also take the guess-work out of discovering the wellness practitioners on your own that can guide you in becoming the most confident, fulfilled, and healthiest version of you by bringing you a team of experts that have been vetted by Marissa + guaranteed to help you live a life of freedom and alignment.

Think: holistic wellness meets transformational lifestyle design coaching and a one-year experience that your mind, body, and soul will never forget.

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How it Works

This is your year.

Marissa will design a personalized wellness map for you based on seasonal wellness + the extensive coaching modalities and healing practices that she'll teach and coach you in according to each season's wisdom.

Each session with Marissa will focus on one of the specific holistic wellness topics below.


Ayurvedic Wellness

Money Mindset

Mindful Living

Sustainable Leadership

Stress Management

Emotion Regulation

Leading in the Feminine

Body Love & Self-Acceptance

Navigating & Leading Change

Building your Community

Manifesting Fulfilling Relationships

Lifestyle Design

Rest & Routine


Astrology for Self-Exploration

Sacred Self Care

Boundaries for Leaders

Manifesting your Desires

Discover your Core
Desired Feelings

Short-term Goal Setting

Long-term Goal Setting


Enneagram + Human Design

Releasing self-judgement

Overcoming Limiting


Morning + Evening Wellness

Intuitive Decision Making

Energy Management


What You'll Get



As a client of The Well Method, you'll complete a personalized wellness intake session with Marissa Nash in your very first session together.

Marissa will then create your personalized wellness plan based on your personal and professional goals, seasonal wellness routines, and the support that her and her team offer.

The seasons carry wisdom, offer ways to balance, and keep us grounded as we evolve and transform.



+ accountability

You'll work directly with Marissa Nash as your personal Holistic Life Coach. She'll guide you through the year step-by-step.

You'll meet with Marissa every other week for a 45 minute session.

In-between sessions, you'll have unlimited access to Marissa as your coach as needed for accountability, clarity, and encouragement.

Additionally, you'll receive a

personalized action plan

email after session to help

integrate what you're 

learning everytime you

meet with Marissa.



As a client of The Well Method, you also have the opportunity to join The Well Studio.

The Well Studio is a virtual studio for your soul to connect weekly with other like-minded women.


You'll get access to two live yoga classes per week, a weekly mindful morning session, and a monthly wellness workshop with wellness guest experts.


Plus you'll get to grow in community with some of the coolest women we know.

See details for

The Well Studio here



You'll receive a personal wellness kit filled with a book to support you in your journey & self care gifts that will be tailored to your zodiac sign, your ayurvedic dosha type, and your wellness goals that you share in your wellness intake session.

Think about getting the best self care package in the mail that will keep you well all year long.

Marissa loves sharing these gifts with her clients + loves even more seeing how life changing these self care gifts can be!

Request info.

Request more info below to start your one-year journey with Marissa & her team.

Start dates are on a monthly basis & 2 women are accepted into the program each month. 

After completing the form below, Marissa will schedule a free 30 minute wellbeing clarity call

with you to see if The Well Method might fit your needs.

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My wellness journey +

how The Well Method got started

I'm thinking we can all relate in wanting to live a healthy, fulfilling, purpose-driven life but sometimes it's hard to know how to start and even more difficult to sustain our wellness journey on our own.


The Well Method came from my own personal wellness journey + the hangups I faced in having to "piecemeal" my wellness plan on my own, working with multiple different coaches, therapists, and healers. Wandering through my wellness goals a bit aimlessly and wondering if it would get me to where I wanted to be -- living a life of joy, confidence, fulfillment, and self-love.


It felt very disjointed but I knew that I needed a smorgasbord of wellness providers to really get me to where I wanted to be because wellness is not one size fits all. I had to ask "under the table" questions at woo crystal shops to find an ayurvedic practitioner, I had to overcome other people's ideas of what wellness should look like (i.e. go to a therapist and don't invest in anything else) and the money, well, I spent A LOT of it. 

The Well Method was born out of a gap that I see in the wellness industry. We are each unique and the way we navigate our wellness journey should reflect that. This approach is one that takes YOU into consideration as a beautiful, thriving, growing human being and guides you in a holistic approach to your wellness goals. 

You'll be guided through every step of the process with me right by your side, along with four wellness experts that I personally meet with and you'll get to meet with in a private session on a quarterly basis.

Your wellness journey can start here. You are worth it.

Let's connect more on instagram or read my bio here.

Meet the Team

In addition to working one-on-one with Marissa as your Holistic Life Coach, you'll get one  seasonal session with each of our Wellness Team below.

Check out what the sessions will look like.

Sessions are a-la-carte with our Wellness Team meaning you can schedule with each of 

them as you'd like & as you and Marissa determine together would be most beneficial to you.


Lifestyle Coaching

Here's what you'll get:

- A private session with Marissa every other week for 45 minutes to dig into the work that you and her plan together & implement what you're learning into your life

- Meditations, embodiment techniques, worksheets, journaling exercises, and holistic coaching practices to elevate your life & get you to the next level

- Weekly accountability & support as you tackle your personal and professional goals

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Styling Session

Here's what you'll get:


- 60 minute Style Exploration Session with Liz Fever

- Personalized Style Inspiration Board after your session together

- A 10 piece shopping list catered to your needs to implement what you learned with Liz in session

- A color palette, style profile and outfit building formula tailored to you


Astrology + Birth Chart Reading

Here's what you'll get:

- Birth chart reading based on your date, time, and place of birth

- Guidance in how to manifest what was meant for you based on your birth chart

- How to embrace your intuition and creativity based on your life purpose


Body Love Breakthrough Session

Here's what you'll get:


-A deep dive into the areas of your life that body/appearance insecurity is holding you back

-Personalized affirmations to shift the relationship you have to your body and to learn to love the areas you are critical of

- Re-familiarize yourself with who you are as a being beyond your body

-Clarity around what your life can look like without the persistent thoughts about body and appearance


Seasonal Ayurveda Session

Here's what you'll get:

-Identify your dosha type

-Get a custom plan for foods & spices to balance your body for the

current season

- Create dynamic shifts in your routine to optimize for the season

-Address any imbalances & learn holistic ways to address them


Activate Your Divine Feminine

Here's what you'll get:


-Personalized live energy healing session 
-An oracle card reading
-The personalized tools and sacred space that you need to work through blocks in your energy and menstrual cycle and reconnect to your divine feminine
-Recording of the session  


>> like you want to dig deeper into your personal growth & want personalized support along the way

>> overwhelmed by various wellness practices + unsure of which might be the best fit for you

>> tired of spending money + time on things that aren't giving you the results you want

>> ready to transform your life this year in every major area of your life + wellbeing

>> excited to get support from wellness experts who know this work like the back of their palm


>> supported, heard, and well taken care of

>> focused & crystal clear on your personal, professional, and wellness goals

>> aligned, joyful + abundant in both your mindset & your life

>> confident in your feminine skin, body, and mind

>> connected to a community of like-minded women as you grow

>> like you have a plan + a life you're excited to live

If you're feeling

Our team will help you feel

Meet our Clients


Interior Designer

"Marissa has been coaching me for the past few months and I cannot say how much I've been learning from her in terms of my career path and achieving goals in my life.

She is a great fit for women looking for advice on how to reach those crazy dreams of yours!"


Event Planner

"Through my time working with Marissa I've experienced a change in confidence, in the most positive way. I now know how to make a plan to work through situations that I didn't even realize were affecting my life, and follow through on those plans."



"Marissa is remarkably insightful, patient, and empathetic. When I felt vulnerable, her combination of compassion and patience allowed me to become stronger, more capable, and helped me clearly identify my life's path."


Professional Organizer

"Marissa taught me the importance of focus rather than trying to be all things to all people. I'm getting more courageous with every new action I take. Her support and encouragement made all the difference and took me from wishing to actually doing."



"I came to Marissa for help in making a decision about my career change from public school teaching. The biggest change I have experienced would be a new excitement and hope about my life and my future!

I am also experiencing more freedom."



"Marissa is incredibly Spirit-filled and has made such a huge impact on my life and pushed me so much further into my calling.

I'm so grateful for her and every conversation that we’ve had."

How to get started.

We'd love for you to fill out our short application to see if

The Well Method will be the right fit for you & your goals.  |  Tel: 843.642.7040

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